Damaged shower wall tile and grout

Damaged Shower Wall Before

Damaged Shower Wall Tile, Randolph, MA

Client was concerned with the damage on the shower walls.  There were loose wall tiles, damage and soiled grout lines and stained outdated caulking.

After formulating a repair approach and advising the customer, we were hired to restore the 20 year old shower.

We removed the loose tiles and reinstalled them, removed all grout from grout lines and re applied new and fresh grout.

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Repaired shower tile

Shower Wall Tile Repair After

Repaired and Cleaned Shower Tile Randolph, MA

Client call to have her damaged shower evaluated for repairs.

Upon close inspection, we realized that there were several tiles loose, the grout lines were soiled and stained and the caulking was very old and stained with mildew.

We were able to remove the loose tile, clean them and reinstall them.  We also removed all the grout and replaced it with new, clean and fresh grout.

This gave the shower a new clean and inviting look suitable for everyday use.


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Dirty tile and grout

Soiled and Damaged Tile Floor Before

Soiled and Damaged Tile Floor, Narragansett, RI

Client was looking for a reputable and experience tile and grout cleaning service company to restore the grout and repair some loose and broken tiles in a kitchen floor.

Upon inspection of the floor, it was evident that the floor was heavily soiled and there were several tiles that were loose and broken.

Home owner contracted us to clean the grout and tiles and replace the loose damaged tiles.


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Kitchen grout cleaning and regrout

Kitchen Grout Restore After

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning, E. Greenwich, RI

Kitchen floor tile and grout were heavily soiled and stained and some times were broken and or loose.

Client contracted us to clean the tile and grout lines, remove the loose and broken tiles and replace with new ones.

After cleaning the tiles and grout lines and replacing the damaged tiles, we presented the client with a new clean and inviting kitchen tile floor.


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Cleaned shower grout Rhode Island

Clean Shower Grout After

Cleaned Shower Grout RI

Upon visiting the client we found a shower with heavily stained grout lines.

After discussing with her the age of the shower grout, what cleaning products have been used, how ofter is the shower used, how long is the bathroom exhaust used during and after showering, we recommended our grout deep cleaning service.

This service involves the application of a trade specific deep cleaning and soil emulsifying product, we agitate the cleaning product in the lines with a special grout brush.  We follow with a high pressure washing and rising system mounted in a service van.

System rinses the tile and grout with a pressure of 800 to 1000 PSI to penetrate deep in to the grout lines and assist in loosening the deep embedded soiled and at the same time the dirty water is vacuumed by the system.


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Dirty grout in shower

Dirty Shower Grout Before

 Dirty Shower Grout, Little Compton, RI

Home owner called asking if we could look at the grout in her shower.

We made an appointment to visit with her to get a better understanding of the grout and shower conditions.

Upon inspection, we noticed that the grout lines in the shower were severely stained and soiled.

She had tried just about every product she could find and nothing had work to bring the original grout color back.

We recommended our deep grout cleaning process and were able to exceed her expectations.

She also contracted us to apply a protecting penetrating sealer for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


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Handicap Bathroom Restoration, Attleboro, MA

One of our clients referred our services to one of their friend.

We visited with the client and they mentioned that they had a handicap bathroom with a poorly build bathroom floor and needed to upgrade.

Upon inspection, we realized that the floor was poorly pitched pooling the water behind the toilet.


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Welcome to Tile Grout Cleaning Repair

Dirty soiled tile floor

BEFORE Dirty Tile Floor

A website of Specialized Floor Care Services, Taunton, Massachusetts

We specialize in grout cleaning, sealing, repair, coloring, re-grouting, tile repair and installation.

Grout lines on tile and marble floors become soiled and very difficult to clean. Mop and bucket on hands and knees is not an effective method for bringing the original condition of your tile and grout back.

Specialized Floor Care Services Co., uses trade specific cleaning solutions to loosen stubborn soils and stains from the grout lines, along with specialized agitating equipment and tools to assist in soil release and rinsed with high pressure hot water washing and extraction system to lift and rinse the slurry.

This process is very effective in restoring the original look of your tile floor. We finish the process by applying a penetrating sealer on the entire area for easy care and maintenance.


Our Grout Cleaning Process

  1. Pre Inspection – Our grout cleaning or repair service starts with a pre-inspections. This involves understanding the type of soiling, age of soiling, cleaning or grout maintenance history and inspecting for damaged or broken grout lines and the causes
  2. Tile Grout Cleaning – We use the latest high tech high pressure system along with trade specific cleaning products designed to safely loosen embedded soil combined with pressure washing to further loosen soils from the grout lines and rinse leaving the grout lines clean and inviting.
  3. Grout Sealing- After the grout has been effectively cleaned. We use specific clean or colored grout sealant to protect the sealer and ease of cleaning
Cleaning of soiled tile floor Rhode Island

AFTER Cleaned Tile Floor

Our Tile and Grout Repair and Installation Process

  1. Pre-inspection – A pre-inspection allows us and the client determine the cause and the extent of damaged or broken tiles.
  2. The Cause – Any time there are broken lines, the usual cause is an improper tile installation. Second most likely cause is bad grout mix or old and expired grout. The third likely caused for damaged grout ordeteriorated grout is due to improper use of grout cleaning products. If there are damaged broken lines, most likely the loose tiles need to be removed and reinstalled.
  3. Removal – Once the the cause has been identified, the next step is the removal of the damaged grout or broken tiles.
  4. Reinstalling – Replace damaged tiles or grout with new.
  5. Sealer – Apply penetrating sealer for protection and easy of care.
  6. Maintenance – Provide client with instructions on how to maintain grout and tile.

Please, do not hesitate to call us with questions on how to clean grout, cleaning tile, repair of broken tiles or damage in your grouted walls or floors.

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I can’t believe how wonderful my limestone kitchen floor looks.

I never thought anyone could get the grout clean again, and the stone looks as good as the day it was installed; the same with the marble vanity.
The new grout in the master shower makes it look shiny and new.

Many thanks discussing my options at length and all your efforts to restore my floor, vanity top and shower to its former luster.


– Mrs. Szneke, Jamestown, RI

Hello  Willy,
I want to express my appreciation for your restoration work in our bathroom, removing the acid (CLR!) etching from the limestone floor and counter and the stain as well.  I am so pleased with the outcome and would happily recommend you to anyone who needs their stonework repaired and maintained.

I look forward to seeing you in the future.

– Ms. Weyand, Cape Cod, MA